How to make your baby carriage look like the real thing

RTE 1/8 The baby carriage, made of cardboard, has a very different appearance to the one you see in some locales.

2/8 An image of the baby carriage in a town in India.

3/8 This image of a baby carriage being transported in India by a woman has gone viral.

4/8 A baby carriage at the Railway Museum in India was recently featured on Good Morning America.

5/8 Here, a baby train is being moved along in the same style as this one, but this time, it has a doll on top of it. 6/8 And here, a child’s carriage being moved by a dog in India, which the animal is then fed.

7/8 Now, a little girl’s baby carriage has been featured in the latest issue of Good Morning India.

8/8 You can check out some of the other photos of this particular baby carriage below: 1/4 A picture of a railway carriage in India which was featured on the Good Morning Europe programme.

2,000 metres of train tracks, including the top of the carriage, have been constructed around the carriage.

The carriage has also been dubbed the ‘Baby Train’.

3/4 The baby train, which is also called the Baby Train, is one of the longest train lines in the world.

It runs from Chennai to Chennai and reaches the capital city of Mumbai, as well as to the Indian city of Kolkata and the neighbouring city of Jaipur.

The train has also visited the US and Europe, with the longest journey ever being a 6,000-kilometre journey from New Delhi to Seattle, according to a recent Guinness World Record.

4,000 kilometres of tracks have been laid across India to support the railway.

5,000 people are employed on the train, and some people are even employed as attendants.

6,500 babies were born during the journey.

7,000 of these babies were adopted by local residents, according the Indian government.

8,000 babies were placed in foster homes.

1/3 A photo of a train carriage in Mumbai which was the subject of a Guinness World Records Record-winning Guinness World Tour in 2014.

2 of 7 train wheels have been put into place along the track, and the carriage has an artificial leaf to help keep the baby warm during the winter months.

3,000 children are employed by the train.

The most recent baby carriage was completed in May this year.

4 of 7 baby trains are now being made in India and will be rolled out across the country.


The railway is currently operating at a capacity of more than 1 million passengers per day.

The railways have also been running child carriage tours throughout India, where parents can watch their babies as they are wheeled around on the track.


The baby trains will be rolling out across India this winter, and there is no doubt that the baby trains that will roll out this year are going to be very popular.


The child trains will take a very long time to roll out across Mumbai and the surrounding areas.


The journey will take about 12 hours to complete.