What do you get when you cross a baby carriage with a baby doll?

A baby carriage made of empty baby doll bags, a baby trunk and an empty baby carriage bag are among the new products available in the U.S. at the end of the month.

A U.K. brand, Baby Malls, is also offering a baby carousel.

The products, which include a carriage and doll stand, will be available at select stores, including the Macy’s department store in New York.

“These are the products that you need to keep your child entertained during the day,” said Barbara Zagreb, a spokeswoman for Baby Mals, in a statement.

Baby Malls is the largest baby store in the United States and is the oldest in the country, according to a company spokesman.

Baby mums are now allowed to purchase a full set of baby dolls, which can include a doll stand and a baby seat.

Baby cars are also available.

Baby cars come in all shapes and sizes, but the size of the car varies depending on the child’s age and needs.

“We have a few styles of baby carriages available in our stores today,” Zagrebsaid.

“We have our baby carriage bags, baby trunk bags and baby carriage stands.”

Baby Mals is offering a Baby Mums baby carriage set for $89.99 at select locations.

Baby carriages have a different shape to other baby dolls.

Some baby dolls are made of a softer plastic, while others are made from a harder plastic.

Baby Mers is using a softer, non-reinforced material called Baby Molds.

Baby carriage sales are expected to grow during the holiday season.