A Fendi baby-carriage and a fendi baby carousel on MTV News

A Fonda baby-carrying carriage is on the market and the Fendi Baby Carousel on VH1 is set to debut in 2018.

The two brands are both based in the Netherlands.

They were founded in 2001 by Fendi founder Jean-Louis Fonda.

The Fendi and Fendi-branded baby carriage are both designed to accommodate two baby girls.

The baby carriage has a headrest, a seat, a rocking armrest and a front-facing window that opens to the sky.

It features a removable headrest that is attached to the carriage and can be removed for storage.

It also has a baby bed.

It is powered by a battery and comes with a carrying bag and baby carrier.

A new Fendi family-sized baby carriage with a head rest is set for an April 1 release in the U.S. The car is available in black, silver, red, orange and green.

The price is $849.50.

VH and Fandango have yet to announce pricing.

The VH family of networks includes MTV, Fandana, VHN, MTV2, VICELAND, VIBE, FXX, FUEL TV, MTV News, MTV Movie Channel, MTV Music Video and Fuse.

The new VH3 family is set with a new Vh3 Kids, a new KidsVibe, a redesigned Fandad and a redesigned Kids’ Vibe.

The family of VH2 and VH4, VMAX and VMAX Prime are also set to launch later this year.

Vh4 is available starting in 2019 and Vmax in 2020.