What happened to the baby carriage?

The Danish baby carriage was an abandoned baby carriage used for children in Denmark and its surroundings during the 1970s and 1980s.

The carriage was taken from its owner in 1982 and the vehicle was abandoned.

It was dismantled, and its remains buried in the Copenhagen Cemetery in 1988.

The vehicle was recovered in 1991 and the body of the driver, Lars Hansen, was recovered from the ground in 2014.

The carriages disappearance sparked an investigation into the disappearance of children in the 1970 to 1980s and the subsequent search for the remains of the vehicle.

In a press conference in January 2017, the Danish Ministry of Culture announced that the vehicle would be officially handed over to the Danish Museum of Natural History.

“We are very happy that we have found the body, but we have no plans to move it to the Museum, because we are sure that we will have to pay for its transport to Copenhagen,” archaeologist Hans Dinkert told the Danish news agency DN.

“It will remain with us for the foreseeable future, in a special storage facility until the end of time.”

Dinkert said that the carriages remains will be placed in a storage unit and then moved to a special museum.

“The body is part of our collection, it is an important part of the Danish history and it is the place where the story of the birth of the children started,” he said.