What’s the best way to fold your baby carriage?

With baby carriage running away from you, it’s time to consider folding the carriage, according to Fox Sports.

A folding baby carriage can be a good idea if you’re worried about it getting lost, or you want it to be easy to transport.

Fold the carriage in the proper direction, with the top down.

Then, fold the carriage into thirds to form a fold.

Now, use a folding ruler or pencil to draw a rectangle on the folded carriage.

You can also fold the corners in a circle.

Once the carriage is folded, the back of the carriage can remain on the ground.

Fold it in half again.

This way, you can keep the back on the carriages ground.

Now take the carriage and place it in the right position.

Fold both sides of the folded wagon.

Now fold the wagon in half and again.

You should end up with a double wagon.

This can help with the carriage getting in the way of your walker or walking shoes.

Fold this wagon in thirds, with one side on the floor, and fold the other side up to the top.

This will keep the car from getting stuck in your pocket or purse.

Fold all of the sides of a double carriage, except the bottom.

Then fold it into thirds.

This makes it easier to hold on to while you’re walking, but it can also be uncomfortable to hold the wagon on your body.

You may also want to check out the following tips on folding your carriages.

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