Which baby carriage parts are worth $1,000?

A $1 million baby carriage with all its parts can now be found at an Alabama antique shop.

The baby carriage was one of several items from the 1850s that were on display for the first time at the Baldwin, Alabama antique store.

The other items were a horse, horse saddle, a carriage, a horse and carriage wheels, and a wagon.

The carriage and wagon were donated to the Baldwin Historical Society by a local resident in 2012.

The store is located in the Baldwin Historic District.

It is a unique, historic, and historic-worthy store.

Baldwin Mayor John H. Wilson said that Baldwin’s Historic District was one that he would like to continue to preserve, and that he was thrilled that the Baldwin store was able to put them together.

The Baldwin Historical Association said that it is fortunate that Baldwin was able in the past to help preserve the store.

It plans to add to its collection of the carriage and its horse parts in the future.