A baby carriage is a great way to transport baby, says Bible study author

The Bible does not talk about babies in the Bible.

But it does talk about how a baby carriage could be used to transport the child.

When Jesus visited the temple, He gave His disciples a small wooden carriage with a door that could be opened with a stone.

The Bible does, however, talk about the idea of bringing a child to the temple and teaching them the scriptures.

In Matthew 25:35-36, Jesus said: “I have chosen you, my children, to bring the children of Israel into the land of promise, where I am coming.”

That’s when Jesus said, “For if a man brings a child into the world, and there is no one to take him, it is better for him that he should die than that he enter the kingdom of heaven.”

The story of the child being taken into the kingdom is repeated in Isaiah 13:11-12: “For I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt; I am God, your God; I have made you a new creature; I made you from the womb, you are not strangers to me.

I am an everlasting God, to the end of the world.”

The idea that a baby could be brought to the Temple to be taught the scriptures was introduced by the Bible’s second century Jewish scribe Josephus, who wrote a detailed account of the birth of Jesus.

Josephus wrote that when Jesus was about to enter the Temple, the elders asked the Pharisees to take a child.

Josephus said that the elders refused and asked Jesus to leave.

“And they came to him, and said to him: Let us go and teach him; for he is not yet a child,” Josephus wrote.

“And he said to them: Yes, if they would have taught him the Scriptures of the Law, he would have understood them.”

When the Pharises were rebuked by the Jewish community for their unwillingness to teach Jesus, they decided to do just that.

They brought a baby into the Temple and taught the baby.

That is how we know the idea was introduced to the Jewish population of the Jewish Temple.

The Bible tells us in Isaiah 12:4 that God’s servants are the people of Israel, and that the child will be brought into the Kingdom of God.