Plastic baby carriage manufacturer pushes back against ‘child abuse’ claims

A plastic baby carriages manufacturer is taking aim at claims that the company used child labour in its production of its baby carriage.

The company’s parent company, the Dutch-based Babycarriage Group, has launched a legal challenge against allegations that its carriage is child labour.

The legal action was launched after the company’s CEO, Jan van Zandt, made headlines earlier this year when he claimed that he had witnessed child labour at the company and was now trying to put an end to it.

The claim has not been proven and there is no evidence of child labour being used in Babycarriages production of the baby carriage Mr van Zassels claims to have witnessed child labor at the business.

In his latest statement to the Dutch media, the company said it had taken legal action to address the claims.

The lawsuit was filed on Wednesday in the Netherlands’s High Court.

It seeks damages of more than 3 million euros ($3.8 million) from Babycarriers parent company the Babycarrier Group, which it says is responsible for the abuse claims.

“We have taken legal measures to identify and address the allegations of child trafficking and child labour, as well as other violations,” Babycarries CEO Jan van Zeldt said in a statement.

The claims about child labour come just days after the United Nations said it is launching an investigation into child labour allegations at a Dutch child-care centre in Amsterdam.