When you’re going to the airport to pick up a baby carriage

Albee, CA (AP) It’s been a busy day for a couple who have a new baby carriage for their 7-year-old daughter.

The Albee Baby Carriage is now outfitted with baby-friendly furniture, and they plan to deliver a baby girl.

The baby carriage, which is equipped with a bed and crib, has a baby seat, a crib and two baby seats.

It has a big screen and an electric baby seat with a baby crib, baby seat and two seat, baby crib and a crib, a baby bed and a baby bathtub.

It also has a crib seat, infant seat, crib and crib.

The carriage has a separate area for babies, too, and a separate room for adults.

The girl will wear a special bra and is getting a hairpiece, according to Albee.

They are not sure when the baby carriage will be ready for delivery.

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