How to build a baby carriage with Lego

The Lego Baby Carriage is a new baby carriage built with LEGO blocks.

It’s an idea that has become a popular one in Italy after a group of teenagers in Italy built one in the shape of a baby.

This baby carriage is similar to one of the famous Lego Baby Cars that have been used for years in Italy, but the carriage was made out of Lego bricks instead of wood.

It took less than six months for the students to build it, and now they’re planning to have it used for the next two years.

The students who built the carriage decided to name it after their friend who recently passed away.

The group was inspired by the popular movie The Lego Movie, where a boy named Milo builds a carriage out of LEGO blocks called The Boy Who Lived.

Milo has also built a carriage that looks like the one in Lego Movie.

It seems like it’s a very nice idea to build one with Lego, and the students have also decided to donate the finished car to the children of the affected families.

However, it’s not clear if the carriage will be able to withstand a lot of weather conditions.

There are currently no plans to build the carriage in the United States or elsewhere, so it won’t be available to the public until later this year.