Bertini baby carrier is sold for €1 million

An old baby carriage is selling for a record €1.8 million.

The carriage was sold for about €10 million at the European Carriage Fair in Milan on Friday.

It is the second-highest sale in the world after the world record for a baby carriage sold in Dubai in 2014 for €9.3 million.

Bertini was founded in 1892 in Italy and became the world’s largest car manufacturer in 1993.

It produces two types of carriage: the Bertini Baby carriage, which is an open-air carriage with a baby on the back and a carriage that is attached to a truck, and the Bertinini Baby car, which has a baby inside the carriage.

The Bertini carriage has been the subject of speculation for a while now.

The car was once owned by the former mayor of Milan, Gianni Infante, and was part of a series of luxury cars that Infante sold to Italian billionaire Lorenzo Baldini in 2005.

In 2017, the Italian court ordered Baldini to pay €5.3 billion to Bertini over the sale.

The court said Baldini had failed to deliver on promises made in his contract.

Baldini, who owns the Italian soccer team Juventus, has denied wrongdoing in the case.

The Bertini deal was a landmark in Italian history.