How to get the ‘best’ white baby carriages

The first black and white baby cars that were built in the US for babies were often not white at all, according to a new study.

Researchers at the University of Iowa examined images of white and black baby carriage models to find out what kinds of babies would be most likely to fit the bill, and found that a white baby was the best choice for most of the white-baby carriage models that were produced.

“The white babies were just so much more appealing than the blacks,” said study lead author Sarah D. Ritchie, an assistant professor of marketing at Iowa State University.

“We wanted to find the best carriage, so we looked at all the baby carriers that were available at the time and looked for the ones that looked the most like a baby carriage.

We looked at what babies looked like, what they looked like with arms on, and what the colors of the carriage would look like.”

The researchers then used a formula to estimate what proportions of white babies and black babies were likely to be born with white eyes, black lips, and skin tone similar to that of white people.

The results showed that the most attractive white baby baby carriage was actually a white-headed baby carriage with a white eye and a white nose.

The second most attractive baby carriage had white lips and a black nose, but it was the baby carriage that was the most likely for black babies to have white eyes and black lips.

The third most attractive carriage was the white baby with a black eye and white lips.

“White babies tend to have the most beautiful eyes and the most interesting mouth, so that’s really appealing to the babies,” Ritchie said.

The white baby is also considered the ideal white baby because it has white skin and white hair.

The researchers said that in the end, baby carriage manufacturers would probably have to redesign the baby cars to accommodate white babies, but they also said that it was important to remember that babies of different skin tones can still fit in the same carriages.