Gucci Baby Carriage Set To Launch On Fox Sports 2, Free-To-Air In 2018

A Gucci baby carrier, which will be available for $2,000 on Fox Sports, is set to launch on Fox 2 and Fox Sports Go starting June 23.

The carrier will debut on the Fox 2 channel and the Fox Sports app, and will feature Gucci’s signature leather exterior and black stitching.

Gucci said the carrier will have a price tag of $2.5 million and be available exclusively through Fox Sports.

Gucci said in a statement that the new model is a “new evolution” of the brand’s traditional baby carriage.

“This is an ambitious concept that has been developed with the full knowledge of the Gucci family,” Gucci added.

“It represents a fundamental shift in how Gucci delivers our brand and is an exciting product for our customers and the entire family.”

The Gucci Calf Carriage was announced in January 2017, and launched in 2018.