Baby carriage ring found near baby’s body

A baby carriage was found in a wooded area of a rural Illinois county.

It was found on Wednesday morning near a rural community about 50 miles (80 kilometers) north of Chicago.

The baby’s mother, Kimberly Ritchie, and her sister, Brooke, were the first to find the baby carriage, which had been in the woods for three days, according to CBS affiliate WLS-TV.

The ring was on the carriage and was attached to a child’s arm, the station said.

Authorities did not immediately provide any further details.

The carriage was also found with the body of a child, CBS affiliate KWCH-TV reported.

A postmortem examination on the baby was expected to take about a week, according the station.

The Illinois Department of Health said the carriage was about a foot (1 meter) long and 10 feet (3 meters) wide.

Kimberly Ritter, a member of the Ritchie family, said the carriages’ owners had not told her of the discovery.

“They told me that it was something I had to find out for myself,” she told KWCh.

“So I’m very happy that we found this out.”

Kimberly Rutter said she was shocked by the discovery and was trying to put it behind her.

“I am shocked that someone would do this,” she said.

“We have a child that was born with this condition.”

Kimberly said she and Brooke are now working to find a funeral home that will transport the child’s remains to Chicago, where the funeral will be held.

“It was so scary to hear it, but it’s something that we have to deal with,” she added.